Recognising and respecting the rights of pregnant employees and those on maternity leave

Picture of a pregnant worker

Our in-house HR Consultant – Jo Brooks says that the recent award of just under £18k made by an employment tribunal to a former Liz Earle employee is a salient reminder to employers that care should be taken to recognise and respect the rights of pregnant employees and those on maternity leave. 

Jo would firstly like to remind us that we cannot possibly be aware of all of the contributing factors leading to this outcome and Liz Earle did admit to falling short of their usual high standards.

There is forthcoming law expected in October 2020 or April 2021 to protect expectant mothers from the point of announcing their pregnancy until up to six months after returning from work which will make the position clearer.

However, in the meantime, it is good practice to ensure that pregnant employees are afforded protection to ensure they are not unwittingly discriminated against, during a redundancy selection process.

HR Wise’s framework provides an affordable framework for small and medium-sized businesses to help them navigate challenging circumstances such as these.