On 10 July the Government’s travel advice changed, with exemptions removed for travelling to certain countries and territories that no longer pose a high risk for British travellers’.

As an employer, we recommend you work with your employees to understand what their travel plans are. Look at the best way of supporting employees to get the break they need and consider family or financial commitments they may have as a result of decisions made before COVID-19. They may be able to look at whether they can delay their travel plans or transfer their travel to a destination without quarantine restrictions.

If you do have employees that need to quarantine upon returning to the UK you need to consider if they can work from home or if you could provide alternative work which can be undertaken from home.

If an employee cannot do their job from home, possible options are:

  • They need to take extra annual leave to cover the 14 days of self-isolation. In some cases, this might mean their annual leave request is refused.
  • Place an employee on furlough for the time they’re self-isolating.
  • Provide the opportunity for employees to make up the hours taken to observe quarantine over an extended period of time
  • Ask your employee to use additional annual leave to observe quarantine
  • Ask you, employee, to take unpaid leave.

If you wish to cancel an employee’s planned annual leave you must give them at least the same number of days’ notice as the original holiday request. We strongly recommend you consider your reasons for wanting to cancel an employee’s holiday and have a conversation with your employee if this is something you want them to do and document the outcome.

If you would like an employee to take their annual leave at a specific time you must provide notice which is double the length of the period of holiday you are asking to be taken, i.e. two weeks notice of a one week holiday and four weeks notice of a two week holiday.


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