Long term impact on you and your employees

The changes we have made to manage the spread of COVID 19 have led to improvements in the environment (albeit short-term) and in some cases improvements to the quality of life, it’s been a period of reflection for many of us, as individuals and employers. For some sectors, this will be a time to flourish, sadly for others it will be a long road to recovery.  Anecdotally, the number of retirements is increasing following furlough and there is a strong possibility of a baby boom in the first half of next year!

Inevitably and it is always with much regret for employers, financial challenges have necessitated the need to consider making roles redundant but for others, the situation has created more opportunities.  As an employer, it is time to consider your outgoings and you may want to consider the following opportunities when seeking to sustain jobs:

  • Homeworking means there is the potential to save on travel expenses, printing and other consumables
  • Review your supplier contracts
  • Implementation of new technology
  • Consider news ways of working for example shift patterns
  • Online trading
  • The use of temporary staff to navigate peaks and troughs in demand as businesses catch up with backlogs in production and or a reduction in certain types of activity

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